26 Modern Living Rooms Ideas for a Sleek and Inviting Gathering Space


As major hosting zones, living rooms should be welcoming and cozy—but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Here, over two dozen modern living room ideas prove you can have it all: one room that could be your easy-breezy reading nook, a cozy corner for family game night, and also a chic retreat for cocktails and conversation. Among them you’ll find spaces from the AD archives—including a São Paulo living room by the Campana Brothers that features a cloud-shaped, light-reflecting mirror; and an Aspen getaway by Atelier AM that showcases a custom-made sectional sofa covered in a brick-red cotton—as well as fresh inspiration from design experts across the country. It’s time to mix a martini, sit down, and stay awhile.

What is a modern living room design style?

You may catch on to a few similarities in the below living room ideas. Common denominators include clean lines and contemporary furnishings warmed up with ever-so-subtle touches like luxurious upholstery, colorful artwork, and fresh greenery. Or, as Joey Conicella of Soco Interiors in Winter Park and Naples, Florida, puts it, “Achieving a modern aesthetic is about neutralizing the overall style of the room. Lean into simple and minimal details and functional furniture pieces. Play with natural light and shadows. Instead of adding furniture pieces and accessories, create more negative space by removing things from the room.”

How do you accessorize a modern living room?

“Accessorizing a modern living room can be a delicate balance between simplicity and impactful statement pieces,” says Jamie Young of home decor brand Jamie Young Co. “Choose sleek, modern lighting fixtures that can double as art. Pendants, floor lamps, and chandeliers can be both functional and decorative with a minimalist feel.”

What is a timeless living room?

Withstanding the test of time usually involves a neutral color palette that provides a versatile backdrop for room decor and well-made furnishings that last—both elements that can be incorporated into modern living room design. Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs in Los Angeles adds, “A timeless living room is one that functions well and has a flow, but also has pieces that last for years in look and comfort. Nothing is too trendy, and lines in furniture and decor are more streamlined and clean.”

Modern living room ideas

Ready to incorporate these designers’ expert advice into your own home? Consider the following 26 modern living room ideas.

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