Enviah Offers its Space Planning Methodology to Bring People, Places, Processes and Profit Together


Strategic consulting firm Enviah offers its unique space analysis and planning services to elevate the performance of businesses worldwide. Spearheaded by the Space Doctor™ Lorissa MacAllister, the company is considered the first in its very own field.

Enviah, a leading strategic consulting firm, is excited to announce the expansion of its unique InFORMED Approach™. Created by Dr. Lorissa MacAllister, this method aims to connect how well an organization performs with its physical space – where the goal is to boost productivity, customer engagement, and overall revenue.

Combining architectural concepts, deep social science, and data analytics, Enviah aids business owners in creating spaces that facilitate daily operations. In turn, employee burnout is reduced, customer satisfaction is improved, and the business’s functions are streamlined.

How Enviah Does it

Poor workplace design is closely linked to lower business performance and higher stress levels among employees. Research by the Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment and the British Council for Offices found that well-designed offices can boost productivity by up to 25% and reduce absenteeism by 15%. 

Despite seeming to be a miniscule part of operational planning, the data is undeniable: the environment individuals find themselves in has a very real impact on operational efficiency. Among the first to notice this trend, Enviah has built its reputation for tangible results on proprietary analytics, Dr. MacAllister’s unique area of expertise, and sheer determination.

Based on Dr. MacAllister’s highly sophisticated body of research, Enviah transforms spaces by identifying and fixing “friction barriers” – areas where issues are frequently encountered. This is achieved through careful analysis of the operations, building floor plans along with revenue files, staff rosters, and even real-time observation of day-to-day operations.

To quote MacAllister, “The more complex the organization, the more leaders can lose sight of what needs to change. Worse, they aren’t equipped with the tools to correct these issues, even if they are aware of the problem. Our method links the business plan to the physical space itself, as well as staffing and general operations.

Though beginning in the healthcare industry, Enviah has expanded its services to businesses and organizations of all types. Most notably, its bespoke services are projected to be most useful in retail and commercial establishments that require significant operational flow to function effectively with a high interest in customer experince, such as chain restaurants and shopping centers.

The potential for Enviah’s work in various industries is vast. From improving customer experiences in retail environments to enhancing productivity in corporate offices, the InFORMED Approach™ offers a data-driven solution to common spatial and operational challenges across sectors.

Years of Excellence

Dr. MacAllister shares her vision: “Our goal is to create environments that save time, conserve energy, and inspire and empower their inhabitants. We’re not just designing spaces; we’re crafting experiences that enhance human potential and organizational success.

Enviah has achieved a lot over the past 14 years, having worked with more than 15 large-scale clients. Starting with hospitals and clinics, MacAllister quickly realized the potential of her unique methodology if applied to a wider range of audiences. Today, she offers workshops and speaking engagements through her own personal brand. 

The growing popularity of Enviah’s work can be attributed to its trackable results, where one recent project led to a marked 20% increase in staff productivity, as well as a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction scores. Through its innovation model, the company offers “continuous operational improvements” based on close work with business leaders and a comprehensive analysis of the entire organization.

Visit the website to learn more about Dr. MacAllister’s InFORMED Approach™.

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