Lego evolves brand identity, launching first full set of design elements


The cohesive and refreshed assets are being rolled out globally with the hope of creating a more consistent experience for its audience.

Beyond its logo, Lego has embarked on a complete design refresh and evolved brand identity to give its comms a more coordinated feel across all aspects of the business.

Over the past couple of years, the Lego Group’s in-house creative and strategic shop, Our Lego Agency, in partnership with Interbrand, has created a set of ownable design elements that will encompass everything from physical products to its digital presence.

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At the core of the branding is still the vision of helping kids learn through play. With this audience in mind and knowing that a vast majority of its young customers are still developing their reading skills, the team researched different modes of visual storytelling.

What stood out was the visual language used in comic books, which the creatives then replicated to represent the Lego brand experience. What has transpired is recognizable cells, speech bubbles and Lego minifigures. There are also ‘action graphics’ that allow players to narrate their own stories as they play.

It was a mammoth project. In total, Lego and Interbrand assessed 23 guidelines and over 110 separate principles. This was then simplified down into five key design principles, which are: design for your audience, build from its system-in-play, tell stories, be playful and optimistic, plus keep it simple.

“The Lego Group has been the master of constant reinvention for 90 years. Lego play offers the chance for discovery and invention, where you can always create something new from something familiar,” said Thomas Holst Sørensen, global head of design at Our Lego Agency.

“Our new brand DNA reflects what is important for the Lego brand. It is a beautiful, simple, and well-constructed system that both unifies and breaks free the creative and playful expression of our brand and product experiences.”

The purpose of the project is to hopefully increase global recognition and build excitement while still honoring the extensive history of the brand.

Oliver Maltby, executive creative director and portfolio lead at Interbrand, added: “The Lego Group’s archives were a treasure trove of elements that contributed to crafting the final solution – a mix of storytelling pieces that we used to build out a full Lego set just as iconic and timeless as the brick itself. The playfulness of the new identity reinforces the vision of the Lego brand as a global force for learning through play.”

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