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Located at Kurungara near Pulladu in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, is the house that belongs to Rajani a native of the place. It, quintessentially, embodies a tale of friendship and commitment. Rajani’s old house was almost in a dilapidated state. Her classmate Diana was moved by her friend’s helpless situation and decided to build a brand-new home for her. The house designed in 1050 sqft was constructed on a budget of Rs 23 lakh.

Rajani and Diana have been close friends since childhood. Diana, who is settled in the US, was heartbroken seeing the condition of her friend’s house. She then didn’t hesitate to suggest building a new house for her friend Rajani and her family.

Diana returned to the US immediately after the construction had begun. She, however, returned with her family to celebrate the house-warming ritual of Rajani’s new house. It was a beautiful sight watching the two childhood friends lighting the stove together to boil the milk as part of the ceremony. The two families still cherish their friendship with an unwavering warmth.

Jithu and Geethu deserve credit for designing the minimal yet elegant house. They say that many people had financially supported the family, especially while furnishing the house. The house has been built in a 7.5- cent rectangular plot. The contemporary house, with a wide elevation, suits the layout of the plot. Projections are added around the structure to tackle the unique weather conditions of Kerala where it rains for six months.

The outer walls don a serene white hue while the frames are painted in a contrasting shade of grey. The interiors are minimal-furnished with basic furniture pieces. From the quaint sit-out, one could enter the living area where in -built sitting spaces and a TV unit have been arranged.

There is a sit-out, living and dining areas, courtyard, kitchen with a work area, three bedrooms, one attached bathroom and a common bathroom in the house. The courtyard which faces the main door fills the interiors with positive energy. Besides, this courtyard could serve as space for staircase, in case the family decides to build an additional floor in the future.

Matte-finished tiles have been used for flooring in the house. The interiors don a pleasant, off-white hue which beautifully reflects natural light. Meanwhile, the warm tone lighting grants a scintillating ambience to the interiors.
The dining area has a four-seater, glass-topped dining table set. A wash area has been arranged as part of this area.

The kitchen and the dining area have been designed in an open theme. The compact kitchen has everything within the hand’s reach. For furnishing, PVC laminate sheets are used on aluminium frame. Meanwhile, the cabinets are built on an affordable budget. An adjacent work area completes the kitchen space.
The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and storage spaces. The other bedrooms too are simple with all the required facilities. 


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