Transforming Spaces: Exceptional Lighting and Interior Design by Olivia-Ann Calleja


In the world of luxury interior design, few names command the same level of respect and admiration as Olivia-Ann CallejaLighting, Interior & Exterior Design. Renowned for her transformative lighting and interior design solutions, Olivia-Ann Calleja has recently been honored with the prestigious accolade for Best Luxury Retail Interior Design for Sterling Mercury in Malta, 2024 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards, leaders in recognizing and celebrating luxury across the globe. This recognition underscores her commitment to excellence and her unparalleled dedication to creating extraordinary design experiences.

Background and Expertise of Olivia-Ann Calleja

Olivia-Ann Calleja’s journey into the world of design was inspired by her upbringing in the lighting industry. With a background rich in both artistic passion and scientific curiosity, she pursued her studies at esteemed institutions such as University College London and KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour. Over the past two decades, Olivia-Ann has cemented her reputation as a visionary in lighting, interior, and exterior design. Her company’s diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, hospitality, and architectural projects, each marked by meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and desires.

Unique Approach to Design

Olivia-Ann Calleja’s design philosophy revolves around creating personalized and bespoke solutions for each client. She believes that great design is born from understanding the unique ambiance, culture, and individuality of a space. Her process begins with an in-depth consultation, during which she collaborates closely with clients to grasp their vision and aspirations. Utilizing advanced 3D visualizations and renderings, Olivia-Ann brings these concepts to life, ensuring that every detail aligns with the client’s expectations.

Her versatility shines through in her ability to tailor each project to specific needs. Whether it’s a luxurious home, a dynamic office space, or a vibrant retail environment, Olivia-Ann’s designs are always infused with creativity and functionality. This bespoke approach is what sets her apart in the competitive field of interior design.

Exceptional Lighting Design

Lighting plays a crucial role in Olivia-Ann Calleja’s design projects. She understands that lighting is not just about illumination; it’s about creating mood, highlighting key features, and enhancing the overall ambiance of a space. Olivia-Ann’s innovative lighting solutions range from architectural lighting and mood lighting to custom fixtures designed to complement the unique character of each project.

One standout example is her work on the Sterling Mercury retail space in Malta. By integrating sophisticated lighting techniques, Olivia-Ann transformed the store into an inviting and luxurious environment that highlights its high-end products and elegant design. This project exemplifies her ability to use light as a powerful design element, adding both drama and subtlety where needed.

Transforming Interior Spaces

Olivia-Ann Calleja’s expertise extends beyond lighting to encompass all aspects of interior design. Her residential projects are characterized by a keen sense of style and a deep commitment to client satisfaction. Through thoughtful space planning, material selection, and design execution, she creates homes that are both beautiful and functional.

In the commercial and hospitality sectors, Olivia-Ann’s designs enhance not just the aesthetic appeal but also the operational efficiency and customer experience. Her work in office spaces, hotels, and restaurants showcases her ability to create environments that inspire and engage. The transformative power of her designs is evident in every project, as she seamlessly blends form and function to elevate the user experience.

Recognition and Awards

The recognition of Olivia-Ann Calleja’s work by Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. Winning the Best Luxury Retail Interior Design award for Sterling Mercury in Malta highlights her ability to deliver outstanding design solutions that resonate with both clients and industry peers. This accolade adds to a growing list of honors that Olivia-Ann has received throughout her illustrious career, solidifying her position as a leader in luxury interior design.


Olivia-Ann Calleja’s transformative approach to lighting and interior design sets her apart as a true master of her craft. Her recent victory at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Retail Interior Design for Sterling Mercury in Malta is a shining example of her ability to deliver unparalleled design experiences. For those seeking to elevate their spaces with bespoke, innovative solutions, Olivia-Ann Calleja is the ideal choice.

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